Blog Post: Getting Creative and Inspired in the New Year

Happy 2018!

It is a new year and January is in full swing. This is an amazing time to get inspired, get creative, and take steps towards new goals and resolutions! It is said that “creativity is intelligence having fun” which couldn’t be more true, which is why we are showing you 3 easy ways to get inspired, feel creative, and invite in a little wisdom and intelligence this year!

  1. Enjoy the arts with a friend- It is so much easier to stick to something when you have a friend to enjoy it with. So, if your resolution is to get more inspired and creative this year, try making plans to go to a museum, see a performance or hear a speaker’s lecture and make a day of it. Creativity doesn’t have to be lonely. Check out some of the awesome speakers and performers we have coming the rest of this season and start planning!
  2. Learn from other’s experiences- At Tilles Center, we offer opportunities to be an Arts Insider! The Arts Insider Series will provide you with a view on what goes into each performance and share insights into what you will see and hear. This offers you the chance to get up close and personal with people who are living their most creative lives! Nothing is more motivating than seeing someone thrive at their passion and hearing how they stayed inspired and creative along the way. Check out our events to see when Arts Insider programs will be offered and how to get your hands on tickets!
  3. Make family time, creative time- Make creativity a family activity. Go to the library, take art classes, do family yoga or dance classes, or see a show! Open your family’s mind to creativity so you can keep one another inspired all year long! At Tilles Center, there are multiple ways to enjoy family fun. One way is our family performances. We offer evening and afternoon performances specially catered to families with younger audience members. We also offer sensory friendly performances that are gauged towards audience members on the autism spectrum and with other sensory issues. This is a great way to make the arts and being creative fun and accessible to audience members of all ages and varying needs. Lastly, we offer Family Workshops before select performances that are interactive and allow you and your child to create and explore through music, storytelling, puppet-making, and more! Be sure to check out our Family Workshop page for more information!

Being creative doesn’t have to be difficult and learning doesn’t have to be boring. Let your intelligence have a little bit of fun and get inspired to create, explore, learn, and grow throughout this new year and new chapter!

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