Odeon by Mtthew Murphy
Tilles Center and Massachusetts-based Jacob’s Pillow Dance partnered and awarded a fellowship to Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie, Artistic Director of Ephrat Asherie Dance. The fellowship included a week-long residency at Tilles Center. As part of her residency, Ms. Asherie conducted master classes with the LIU Post Dance Department and in local schools. The Hon. Roger B. Tilles was integral is making this  collaboration happen. Moving forward, Tilles Center will continue to host an annual residency with emerging choreographers and dancers.
The Knights
The Knights, a renowned collective of adventurous musicians, joined forces with Tilles Center, the LIU Post music department and local high school students in multi-session residency programs in 2018-19 and in 2019-20. This residency is was graciously sponsored in part, by Debra and Dale Lewis and the Hon. Roger Tilles.