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Math & Origami


October 19, 2020
June 18
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Math & Origami Workshop
with Kuniko Yamamato
Best for Grades 3-8

In this unique hands-on experience, students are invited to explore math concepts visually while learning traditional Japanese paper-folding. Focused on the number system, fractions and basic geometry, each workshop is customized for a specific grade level. Students may use notebook paper, colored or white copy paper or origami paper.

On-Line- Live, Interactive (Zoom, Google Classroom or other):  45 minutes
Type of Program: Workshop
Maximum # students: 60
Workshops are offered between October, 2020 – June, 2021 and are scheduled between the artist & the school on a mutually agreeable date/time.
Fee: $500.00

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Kuniko Yamamato has performed  in such venues as The Kennedy Center (Washington DC); Disney Epcot Japanese Pavilion; Seattle’s International Children’s Festival/ Giant Magnet; International Children’s Festival in Canada; National Storytelling Festival; LA Music Center /Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County. She received national exposure performing Japanese Storytelling at the Silk Road International Exposition and on Kansai National Television. For the last two decades she has been presenting her programs throughout the United States A passionate origami folder, Kuniko received the Tempo Award from Origami USA in 2007.

Kuniko also offers a variety of other programs including Japanese Storytelling, theater & music, Introduction to Origami and Origami & Technology. If you are interested in an alternate program, please contact stephanie.turner@liu.edu , 516-299-2388.